Dressing Up Any Table Using a Table Runner

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We hope that everyone has been having a great week so far. The weather here in the lower New York area has been quite cloudy and rainy this week. We are hoping that the sun will return again soon :).

Table Runners: Love them? Hate them? Have never used them?
Whatever your answer may be we are here to give you our insight on table runners.
Table runners are a classic way to add some style to your table. They provide lots of opportunity for an easy and effective way to creatively dress up any space. Adding colors, textures, or even simple elegance to a table setting, table runners can be used in a few different ways. Runners can be used in formal settings, or even in an informal/casual dining setting. Continue reading to catch some of our tips on how to use table runners…
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  1. First, you can use the table runner in the traditional way. In this case, you want to find a runner that is 12 inches longer than the length of your table. This way it can hang precisely 6 inches over the edge on each end.
  2. The table runner can either be used alone atop your table, or in conjunction with a tablecloth underneath it. Both styles gives a different look to your table. You can make it simple with just the table runner. This enhances more of your table for a touch of simplicity. Or to add the element of coordinating, you can use a tablecloth that matches or compliments the color or design that is on the runner.
  3. To focus on your centerpiece, you can use a table runner that is about one-third the length of your table. Place the runner in the center of the table to make your centerpiece pop out.  Add a vase filled with fresh flowers
  4. Most modern and latest way to style your table runners is to double up on your table runners. It will look like double placemats going across the table – and therefore you don’t put them right next to each other. Instead you leave a bit of room between them. In my opinon, it is actually really nice because you can see some of the wood of the table in between the runners. Depending on how many seats your table can hold, you may need 3 runners going across.
  5. For another contemporary look, place them across the width of your table as opposed to the length of it.
  6. Runners do not have to be used exclusively for your dining tables. You can place them on a dresser, credenza, side table, or a server. Any piece of furniture can be easily decorated with a runner.

And lastly, my favorite table runner. This is simple, natural, beautiful, and so elegant. I love this idea for any special occcasion.

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Hydrangea Table Runner

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Photography by Brian Fitzsimmons via Sarah Pease

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Enjoy the rest of your day!

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