Welcome to Melita’s Home!

Welcome to Melita’s Home! Bem-vindo!

The ocean & cliff picture was taken by myself in Santa Cruz, my hometown, sharing the beautiful beach and ocean view that we get from there.

I would like to share with you all my story of how Melitas Home came to be…

My story starts in a town outside of Lisbon, Portugal, where I was born and raised. Even at the earliest age, I can remember falling in love with the ceramic arts of my country. I always felt inspired to design and decorate. Now I have the great joy and pleasure of being able to bring to you the rich, rustic elegance from my native country for your home. Like many places in Europe, entertaining is tradition and guests are always warmly welcomed. Company frequently gathered around the dinner table to celebrate anything & everything from big special events to everyday small successes. Our mission at Melita’s Home is to inspire a passion for entertaining and celebrating the beauty & joy of everyday life.

Every piece in our shop is formal yet comfortable. I always try to combine beauty with easy living, so that all of the pottery I import can be used daily. I have noticed that when you surround yourself with beauty, it makes you happy. A beautiful home makes for a beautiful life.

At Melita’s Home you will discover enchanting ways to welcome a refined, rustic elegance style into your home. Our ceramics are all handmade and hand painted in Portugal especially for Melitas Home. In this day and age, the craft of making things by hand has become so uncommon. So why keep the handmade process alive? Because the craftsmanship, quality, passion, and care that goes into handmade items is incomparable. Many of our artisans use centuries-old techniques that have been handed down from generation to generation to bring you the best quality of ceramics.


Enjoy Melitas Home as your destination for home decor, antique furniture, upsholstery services, refinishing services, bedding, table linens, glassware, metalware, and so much more. From Portugal, to Italy, to France, to India, to Mexico, to Peru, and America, too, we have a unique blend of products from all over. Specializing in European Style Living, we are sure you will find unique gifts for your loved ones – or even for yourself – in our shop.


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